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This is where I express my views from time to time on social issues of different scopes.  The views expressed here are strictly my own, and in no way intended to convey medical or legal advice.  Please investigate your own situation for yourself, consult appropriate professionals before taking action.  Please apply your own intellect to your personal situation,  follow your inner voice, higher power or religious convictions and make decisions that YOU can live with!

I merely present my opinions as an expression of my perspective.  I put these views into words on the basis of my own experience, and the particulars of my own situation.


ruin your child's financial life!

In September of 2004, the U.S. Marshals arrested a man who had fled child support payments long enough to accumulate $120,000 in missed payments.  He had been in 6 different states in his attempt to evade arrest.  He now faces 2 years in prison and a quarter million dollars in fines - in addition to the child support he owes.  Don't take my word for it, check out the full story by clicking here.

There are things that can now be done about non-payment of child support.  As that article states, the Federal government can be asked to step into any case where the non-support exceeds $5,000.  The case becomes a Felony at $10,000.  If a warrant is issued, the U.S. Marshals don't have to wait for the person to violate a traffic law in order to pick them up.  

Non-custodial parents really should take care to pay their court ordered child support, and pay it on time.  If you honestly have a financial situation that will not allow you to pay, it is your responsibility to be in touch with the court and petition for an adjustment.  If the petition for a change is delayed until a serious arrearage is accumulated, the court may decline to grant the request.

Custodial parents who are owed back child support should contact the Child Support Enforcement Department in the state where they and the child reside.  The Administration for Children & Families has a website listing every state's child support offices.  If your non-custodial, non-paying former partner is in another state, your local state will have the case verified and then move the jurisdiction to the state where the other party resides, regardless of the state in which your child support order was established.

It may be difficult to stand up for one's self, for many reasons.  Perhaps there is a history of being diminished by the other person, either verbal or physical abuse.  Perhaps the custodial parent has a self esteem problem.  Perhaps there is a sob story that caused you to allow the other person to "slide" when it may or may not have been the financial truth.  But, the fact is, that the money is owed to your child, not yourself.  Many people have the ability to stand firm when it comes to defending their child when they don't stand up for themselves.  

In my case, that's how it is.  I've long given up looking for justice for myself in that former relationship.  It will never happen, given the state of communication that didn't exist for so many years even before the end of the cohabitation and eventual divorce.  But, I know I can stay with this task until there is justice for my child.

Don't take your organs to heaven - 
heaven knows we need them here!

Organ donation is an issue near and dear to my heart. Just a few short years ago, I lost an uncle while he was waiting for a heart transplant. Needless to say, my extended family is very sensitive to the subject.

Now, I realize there are those who would think this subject is a bit gruesome. But, for myself, I have to describe my feelings on organ donation, much as the klingons in "Star Trek" would. After the life has left...I don't need these parts anymore. If someone else can benefit, if their life can go on or can be enriched, then let that be accomplished.

 It's only an empty shell ... treat it as such.

Some facts about organ donation, from the Lions Club:

  • Almost anyone can be an eye donor, regardless of poor vision or history of illness.
  • Only 10% of all blindess is curable by a cornea transplant. Eyes unsuitable for corneal tranplantation are used for vital eye research. Even if you have received chemotherapy, you can still be an eye donor.
  • Presently, over 500,000 Americans are in need of corneal, organ and tissue transplants.
  • One donor can save and enhance the lives of over 100 people.
  • Local donors help local recipients.
  • All major religions support eye, organ and tissue donation.
  • There is no cost to donor families and the decision to donate is confidential.
  • Donation does not change the appearance of the donor or interfere with customary funeral arrangements.
To become a donor:
    Learn the facts, sign the back of your driver's license or a donor card and tell your family of your wishes.

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