Sanguiness' Sizzling Spots

These are links to some of the coolest spots on the web, or at least places that have become near and dear to me.

    Now, of COURSE first link I'm going to give is to Marshall-tucker 's site!! Hey, not just cuz I'm proud of the work I did there for him, and cuz he's got spot #1 in my heart (No longer on the speed dial, though... all I have to do is reach out and touch - LITERALLY!)! Cuz, hey! It's an awesome spot, about an amazing person!

November 1998 St Thomas

Also, be sure to stop by our business site, Little Shop of Voices. This is where folks make contact to have radio commercials and other voice-over work created in our studio. 

Or, stop by our CyberCottage for a coffee!  This is where you'll learn more about "us", how we met, our visits across the US-Canada border while we were getting to know each other, and friends we've made along the way.

Computer Tips Click the Help button for some general tips on making your computer run faster!


HysterSisters, a website that has helped me through my recovery from Hysterectomy - if you are facing the issues of reproductive health, this is an awesome website for woman-to-woman support!  Want to read my story?  Check out the Journals- I have the same user name there!

And there are always the periennial favorite in our house, "Calvin & Hobbs" and "Fox Trot", both can be found at UExpress!