Mary Englebreit
a St. Louis girl that done good!


So, What's a Sanguine, anyway?

A little bit about me ...

Hi! Welcome to my website! Greetings from Santa Fe, New Mexico!

If you've met me on the web, chances are it's either been through Yahoo! chat or through a site that has become near and dear to my heart lately, HysterSisters. That means you've come here to check out who this slightly nutty woman is. Well, the fastest way to get to know me is to carry on a conversation with me, but, the pages here can give you a few clues about me, and my little corner of the world. You probably already know I enjoy a GOOD joke or two, and that I spend less and less time on the internet as the months roll by.! I'm a computer aided graphic artist (desktop publisher) for an independent yellow pages publisher, which would make hours in front of the computer for recreation a little bit ironic, don't you think? 

I'm making my way through this path called "Life" as best I can. I have spent the last year plus a bit discovering the fun of building web pages, for my self and helping my friends start their own. I'm just beginning to get into some more sophisticated layouts, and building my own graphics and backgrounds. I would adore gathering enough info in this brain of mine to someday start a business related to websites! Wouldn't that be a gas, surfing the web all day and getting paid for it?

Ok, here it is... an explanation of the nick name.

The adjective "sanguine" has 2 senses in WordNet.

    Sense 1: optimistic, sanguine => hopeful (vs. hopeless)

    Sense 2: rubicund, ruddy, sanguine -- (inclined to a healthy reddish color often associated with outdoor life: "a stout ruddy countryman"; "Santa's rubicund cheeks"; "a sanguine complexion")=> healthy (vs. unhealthy) -- (having or indicating good health in body or mind: "healthy babies"; "staying fit and healthy"; "a healthy fear of rattlesnakes")

This information was found via WordNet. To get information on other words that have your curiosity piqued, take a look at WordNet for yourself! On the Kiersey survey...

(check out Raymond_35's web site for more info on this)

I am an ESTJ

Those who understand this alphabet soup, know that the "E" stands for Extrovert (as opposed to "I" for introvert)... meet me on chat and you know instantly that I enjoy meeting people, and am outgoing.

The "S" stands for sensing (as opposed to "N" for iNtuitive), I learn things or accept them more easily through the senses rather than "cerebral concepts". In conversation with me, you will find that I tend to describe things in terms of a taste, touch, smell, sight or sound that sums up the message I am trying to convey. It makes my conversation picturesque, to say the least!

The "T" stands for thinking (as opposed to "F" for feeling), this is the category where I was the closest to middle of the road, and I believe I may switch back and forth on this from time to time. But it means I tend to have thoughts behind my actions, and not just ride the wave of emotions. Has nothing to do with IQ.. don't even go there!

The "J" stands for judging (as opposed to "P" for perceiving), which means I tend to get a "gut instinct" reaction to any given situation, or to a new person I have met. First impressions are a big deal to me, in other words, and tend to color my relationship with a person until I have good solid information to make the 'thinker' above kick in.

This, "ESTJ", in combination with a Sanguine personality means that I tend to look for the bright side, even in difficult situations. If I have a flat, I say "at least it wasn't raining." But, if it IS raining, (which in my life, you will come to know, is usually the case) I say, "At least I know how to do this myself, and don't have to stand around waiting for a tow truck to come rescue me!"

It also means I make friends quickly, and tend to hang on tight to those that stick around!

So, to respond to those that read my name and think other things, let me gently, this nickname has nothing to do with vampirism, or being a bleeder (i.e., "Sanguinous") or overly indulge in wine tasting (i.e., "Sangrianess"), or that I have a severe lack of imported ale (i.e., "Sans Guiness"). I have to admit that the guesses at the name meaning have greatly amused me over the years, but now, I will send people here to my web site to understand, instead of re-typing it ad nauseum to the irritation of my fellow chat / message board roommates!


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