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I have two daughters who are very different from one another in temperament and interests.  You name an option and they'll each give you a completely different answer!  

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In all her 'glory' - Senior Picture
Movin' on up!

Her Wedding - March 17, 2002
That's her Dad officiating
I made the wedding dress

I have many fond memories from the milestones of both of my daughters.  We've shared our smiles and tears, tough times and hugs.  The changes in all of our lives have affected one another in many ways, some we haven't even realized yet.  


Mouse's House

Senior Prom
Mouse and her Grandpa - double grads!

Yum! B-day cake from Canada!

Senior Prom

Mouse and her Grandpa
graduated within a week of each other

Mouse is now a young woman attending junior college here in Santa Fe.  The exact location of her final two years of education are yet to be determined.  One day, even she will be out in the great wide world, and it will be a new adventure watching where Life leads her!


Yes - She's TALL!
Her 8th grade Graduation
A Glamourous Girl!

That was a special day for me, meeting M-t's daughter! G'head and giggle, cuz I'm standing on the curb! Stretch is a lovely young lady, blossoming a bit faster than her dear ol' Dad is ready for methinks. Like Mouse, she's on the verge, some of the most interesting / difficult / exciting / scary days of one's life. It will be a lot of fun getting to know her better, and watching her "become".

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My former nickname was PeaBeeJay

  • If Estrogen and Chocolate are both responsible for a woman's sanity... why can't we just buy chocolate covered estrogen?

  • It is much more politically popular to be opposed to fur than leather because it is more prudent to hassle rich women than bikers!

  • I'm "young at heart"... other parts, slightly higher mileage

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