Sanguiness and Marshall-tucker's

Wedding Photos

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Before departing to the ceremony ... bride, groom, bride & groom, and our witnesses, Twylatime and Redneck
At the gazebo outside the courthouse... waiting .... waiting ... waiting...
Then we're underway with the vows...
...and the rings...

There were nearly as many cameras as there were people at our wedding!

The shots included on this page are the ones that help tell the story.

...then came THE Kiss, some localized duo hysteria...
... and the legal stuff ...
Some general merriment
OH YES ... My dad WILL pay!!!!

The lovely Wedding Party

And their SHOES

(yes folks, his nickname is Redneck for a reason...)

And then it was 


<------ A little bit 




Meanwhile ...

Sang's oldest daughter

in CAHOOTS with  Sang's mother

plot against the newlyweds' vehicle

yet again ...

Payback can be

interesting, can't it?

Note the lovely tie-down feature on the '84 Blazer doors!

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