On May 13, 2000,  Joyce Barnes, my Mom, joined the ranks of the college graduated!  Needless to say, we're all very proud of her!
Following are a few photos of the happy day, so that you can see for yourself!

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Here she is, walking in...
The keynote speaker for the festivities
Can you find her in the crowd??
There she goes, walking out as a graduate!

Here she is with a couple of proud granddaughters
And with me, Dad and my brother
Joyce and Howard
Howard's gift to Joyce in 1998, 
a brick in the WSU Plaza of Heroines. Click here to read the wonderful write-up he has about her posted at the kiosk near the plaza!


Many thanks to Kathi, pictured here with Joyce, for the scrumptious, beautiful cake!

And then the memorabilia.....

To commemorate this occasion, a few items have now taken up residence at the graduate's abode...

the lovely doily shown here was a handmade gift from one of Joyce's associates

the shadow box was the product of one of my favorite activities.. cutting and pasting.. hee hee


That's what they decided to name this graduation tree, planted at the homestead...a Chinese Pistachio ... in the background is the stump left behind by the tree they cleared away just prior to At Last's arrival.

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