Little Shop of Voices

This page contains samples of my work. Most computer speakers aren't that great for true sound reproduction, so I'm hoping that you've got your computer plugged into a good sound system, or will record these onto a cd to playback.  All of these samples are in mp3 format.

The following are full production spots that I've put together.
I recommend using Music Match Jukebox
or Realplayer 10 for mp3 playback.

Airfest Joplin 2002  :60
Forever Resorts Houseboats 1 :60
Forever Resorts Houseboats 2 :60
Wheatland Jam 2002  :60

Wheatland Jam 2002  :30

Broadway Productions :30

These are only a few samples are of different voices I can offer.

Straight Read
Deep Voice
Surfer Voice
Old Man
Irishman or Maritimer
Crazy Googanheim

Station I.D.'s

Another service I offer is i.d.'s and liners for radio and television stations.
These are a few I've done for stations in the past.  This service is based on a monthly pricing, for unlimited service. It's also more regional, which I hope would cut back on any conflict of interest.

Sweeper 1
Sweeper 2
Sweeper 3
Sweeper 4
Sweeper 5
Sweeper 6
Legal 1
Legal 2

For more information, please call me at (620)704-5815 or
email me at

At that time, I'll furnish you with full contact and pricing information.

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